Saturday, July 24, 2004

Rule of Law

For thee, but not for me:
U.S. Immunity in Iraq Will Go Beyond June 30
The Bush administration has decided to take the unusual step of bestowing on its own troops and personnel immunity from prosecution by Iraqi courts for killing Iraqis or destroying local property after the occupation ends and political power is transferred to an interim Iraqi government, U.S. officials said. . .
add that to this:
. . . a 2002 order signed by Bush says the president reserves the right to suspend the Geneva Conventions on treatment of prisoners of war at any time . . .
and to this:
U.S. Wants Another UN Exemption from Criminal Court

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The Bush administration wants the U.N. Security Council to renew on Friday a controversial resolution exempting American peacekeepers from prosecution by the new International Criminal Court.
Although the resolution is expected to be adopted, diplomats expect opposition among the wider U.N. membership following the U.S. abuse of prisoners in Iraq and general complaints about American unilateralism. .
and this:
Bush set to flout test ban treaty
Global treaty sidelined as scientists gear up to develop next generation of weapons
America's nuclear weapons laboratories have begun preparations to test a new generation of arms after strong signs that the Bush administration may be about to pull out of the landmark Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. .
and this:
ABM Treaty: US intention to withdraw from treaty
U.S. President George Bush announced his intention to unilaterally withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signed with the Soviet Union. . .
and this:
When it Comes to Kyoto, the U.S. is the "Rogue Nation"

The rest of the world has decided to proceed with the Kyoto pact despite Washington's withdrawal.'s Tony Karon explains why that may be bad news for U.S. global leadership . .