Monday, October 30, 2006

Credit report can help stop agency scam

Question: A collection agency contacted me saying I owe $900 on a Dillard's card opened in 1997. I never opened any such account at any time. What should I do?

- Sheila Maddox, Peoria

Answer: Get a copy of your credit report and check if a Dillard's account on it. If not, the call you received is probably from a scammer looking to steal personal info from you. Don't take their future calls.

If the account is on your report, call Dillard's and find out when/where the account was opened. If they can't prove it was opened with your signature; demand they remove it from your report. If they have a signature that means someone forged your signature and you must now prove that it wasn't you. One way is to prove you were in a different place at the time certain charges were made on the account.

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