Thursday, April 19, 2007

Guilty Plea In Credit Card Scam

A Philadelphia man faces five years in prison after admitting he ran a credit card scam at Foxwoods Resort Casino that swindled credit card companies out of nearly $2million, federal prosecutors said Wednesday (

Sung Huynh, 35, used a network of assistants to recruit casino patrons to participate in the scheme, which operated for a year before authorities shut it down in February, prosecutors said.

Court documents filed in connection with Huynh's guilty plea in U.S. District Court Wednesday show that he used a team of "runners" to recruit gamblers willing to take part in the scheme.

The casino patrons would provide the runners with credit card information, Social Security numbers, addresses and dates of birth. Using a cellular telephone, Huynh then made automated payments to the credit card accounts by using fictitious bank account numbers and actual bank routing numbers.

Once the fraudulent payments were posted to credit card accounts, patrons used their cards to get cash advance receipts from a casino cash terminal. Patrons then took receipts from the terminal to a casino cage, where they obtained cash.

Afterward, the patrons kicked back a substantial portion of their cash advances to Huynh, who then paid his runners. Typically, runners accompanied patrons during the transactions to ensure that Huynh got his cut, prosecutors aid.

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