Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stoozing Credit Cards

"What makes 'stoozing recognition cards' mean?" you might ask. The reply is easy. This is just a manner of making money by taking advantage of recognition card game that have got introductory 0% charge per unit offers. This lets the stoozer to borrow money for "nothing" and the chance to travel it into a high street nest egg account. Having said that, stoozing is not suitable for everyone as there are possible hazards involved. You necessitate to pay attending to item and inquire yourself the followers questions:

• Am Iodine financially savvy and can Iodine give clip to pull off my finance prudently?

• Do Iodine have got got an oculus for details?

• Will Iodine have the clip to research new offerings and do new applications?

• Can I ran into clip deadlines when transferring money?

• Will I be able to keep back enticement to spend/ gamble/ put the borrowed money when it is sitting in a no hazard account? (A "no hazard account" intends you are able to pay off the borrowed money, on time.)

If the reply is a "No" or "I don't know", then it's outdo to remain far away from stoozing. However, if the reply is a "Yes", then you are ready to stooze. As a stoozer you can gain anything between £500/- to £2,500/- annually just through stoozing. There are two ways of making money through stoozing. 1. At the end of the introductory 0% charge per unit offer, retreat the "Credit Card" money from the nest egg business relationship and usage it to pay off the full recognition balance. The involvement you will have got gained from your nest egg business relationship will be your "profit". (But make retrieve that, as always, the taxpayer necessitates to pay taxation on the involvement earned.)

2. The other manner is that you could set the borrowed money into an countervail mortgage instead. This volition cut down the involvement of your mortgage calculations. This debt decrease is usually taxation free because the borrowed money is not your income.

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