Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Financial Freedom Radio Takes On The Financial Institutions!

Financial Freedom Radio is taking the human race by storm. It divulges the countries where fiscal establishments and contrivers take advantage of unsuspicious consumers. The fiscal establishments are a depleted industry and have got to pull out hard cash from consumers to survive. Their program of fiscal freedom is to dwell off the dorsums of the consumers.

Financial Freedom is when your wealthiness plant for you and not you working for it. The fiscal establishments pattern fiscal freedom on the dorsums of consumers. They acquire consumers to pay them their difficult earned money and then they take what they desire and give consumers what is left. Sometimes what is left is less than what the consumer gave them. This is simply not fair!

A depleted industry is when the industry focusing is on "cash extraction" and not "consumer value". When the focusing is to acquire money from the consumer the industry is failing and not doing its job. You see it in the Airlines Industry, and Checkup Industry and it also is in the Financial Industry. Within industries when this haps there are people who will take the industry and "creatively destruct" it.

In the Airlines Industry Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, Air Tran, etc are providing consumer value and surviving where the other larger air hoses can't. These air hoses have got "creatively destructed" the industry. In the medical industry there are people going to other states to have got medical processes performed, by the same docs that were trained in the United States, for a fraction of the cost.

In the Financial Industry people like us are "creatively destructing" the fiscal industry. Through Personal Economic Coach we are providing "consumer value" instead of "cash extraction". We do certain that all clients cognize how to win within the monolithic fiscal industry. We learn all clients how to understand when the fiscal establishments are trying to acquire their money. All of our clients larn how to utilize the fiscal establishments for their best involvement instead of letting the fiscal establishments utilize clients in their best interest.

The best manner to understand how Financial Freedom Radio can assist you better understand the fiscal human race is to tune up in and see for yourself. "Give us three calendar months and I wager you will be hooked," states Dr. Raymond Jewell, host of the show. Tune in unrecorded Fridays 9:00 AM, Eastern Time or download past times episodes. To download to your i-Pod travel to i-Tunes and download.

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