Friday, November 09, 2007

Are You Like The Titanic? Speeding Towards An Iceberg To Your Doom

Everyone have recognition cards. They assist do life a spot easier. Most people begin out using them as a safety net. But...there is danger in those small plastic life preservers.

I'm sure this volition sound familiar to you. You travel to the shop to purchase something. Let's say...the DVD of your favourite movie. When you acquire in the shop you detect sale marks everywhere.

Before you acquire the DVD you came in for, you begin to browsing through the sale racks. You come up across a few movies you were thinking about buying. "Well, they're on sale" you believe to yourself.

Before long you, have got got a stack of DVDs and you haven't even gotten the 1 you originally went to the shop to buy. You dart to the subdivision with your DVD, catch it and travel to the register. The clerk rings you up andto your surpriseyou have got got just spent more than than $217.

You weren't planning on purchasing so much and you don't have adequate hard cash so...instead of putting the DVDs back you flog out your recognition card and manus it to the clerk. It's only $217. No large deal, right?

But, it really is a large deal. Because, the DVD's are only the tip of the's not just DVDs you purchase with your recognition cards, it's everything you purchase with your recognition cards.

Paying With A Recognition Card Doesn't Feel Like

You Are Spending Your Money

When you pay with a recognition card, you experience like you got something without paying for it...almost like it was free. You probably don't even believe about it until...

Your recognition card measures arrive. Then it registers. When you have got to pay the bill. You acquire a sinking feeling. You recognize you can't pay the whole measure this month. And so gets your downward spiral...

Because, the followers calendar month you make the same thing. You travel to the shop to purchase something and out protrudes that small plastic card again.

Even though last month's recognition card measure surprised you and you couldn't pay it off in full, you believe to yourself "I've got it under control".

Until one day, you acquire to the registry and your recognition card is declined. You have got reached your disbursement least on that recognition card. Ah, but never fear, you have got other recognition cards.

So you maintain getting deeper and deeper into debt. Pretty soon you are so can barely maintain your caput above water. Your monthly payments are getting out of reach.

And now you necessitate to utilize your recognition card game just to pay your mundane bills. Things like groceries, heat energy and electric. But as you pay for these necessities, you acquire deeper still.

Now, you're level deeper than before. You necessitate to set even more than on the cards. Your payments go on to turn until, you can't even afford the lower limit monthly payments. Before you cognize it you can't purchase the things you necessitate and you are drowning in bills.

Ok, maybe it's not that bad...yet. But is this the way your heading? If you answered yes, you necessitate to make something about it, right NOW! Don't wait until your debt sinks you.

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