Monday, March 03, 2008

What are Gold Credit Cards?

Gold credit cards are particular privilege cards that are traditionally offered by credit card companies either to high earners or to their loyal clients who have got a good credit history. Traditionally they are considered to be status symbol because they are associated with high annual income, which offer added services and benefits.

Gold credit cards are good if you are a high Spender seeking associated benefits such as as free air miles, cash back, reward points etc. These credit cards give you the added advantage of high or no credit limit. Though generally the credit bounds is quite high still it depends on your annual income and your credit rating. Companies will certainly not offer a gold card to people with a bad credit history or to those who have got low income.

The credit card companies will generally offer a better service and many more than benefits to these privileged customers. Additionally, they have got lower interest rates as compared to that of standard credit cards. Generally, there are low or no annual fees on Gold credit cards. Position your statements, wage your card balance and transfer balances. There is an online fraud guarantee, so you're not responsible for any unauthorised purchases.

Gold credit cards chief features:

Payment protection program protects in lawsuit of involuntary unemployment, accidental injury or sickness. Card protection Plan protects your account in lawsuit of loss or theft of your card. You can share it with household and friends. Thus help a greater flexibleness and convenience. It supplies complete travel insurance up to £250,000
A number of travel benefits.

A word of cautiousness is necessary here. You will have got to pass a batch to do it work for you. As with all credit, you will harvest the benefits when you are able to afford the repayments, however, the minute you neglect you may set down yourself in a financial trouble. Missing your monthly payments would intend punishment fee and costs plus a dwindling credit rating, creating problems in future.

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