Monday, February 09, 2009

Rewards Cards: Convert Your Current Card

If you are a current credit card holder – MasterCard or Visa -- you may be overlooking an of import manner to do your card work even better for you: by joining a rewards program. Why possess a apparent old credit card when you get rewarded for using the same card? Let’s take a expression at how you can have benefits from your current card.

Some cards are offering rewards based on your purchases. Depending on the card selected, your rewards card can offer to you a assortment of benefits such as as:

1. Cash back. Receive 1% Oregon 2% dorsum on all purchases. Usually not redeemable for cash until your balance attains a certain amount, such as as $20. Some card programs allow for you to utilize the “cash back” arsenic a credit toward future balances and/or purchases.

2. Airline miles. Some cards have got necktie inches to one peculiar airline while other cards allow for you to accrue miles that tin be used for mostly any carrier. Similar programs include cards that allow you to collect free corset at choice hotel chains.

3. Car purchase. One outstanding automaker allows for card holders to have as much as 5% credit toward a hereafter purchase of a new vehicle – one of their models, of course! Add these credits to other price reductions offered by the automaker at the clip of your adjacent purchase and your nest egg can be huge.

Rewards cards offers make change between card issuers and your offer can be changed or amended at any clip [usually in authorship with anterior notice given]. In addition, your points may run out after a certain clip period of time.

If you do not pay off your credit card balances monthly, you lose the advantage of accumulating points as your APR will be greater than the points accumulated.

So, why clasp onto a “do nothing” credit card when you can make the 1 you have got work for you? Call your credit card supplier today and petition that your current card be upgraded immediately.

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