Sunday, March 29, 2009

Question - When Is A Credit Card Better Than Cash? Answer - When It's Stolen!

For many people, convey up the term, “credit card,” and they’ll axial rotation their eyes. Most of us understand the powerful pulling that pulling out the plastic have on us. It’s almost addictive, the ability to draw out your credit card and usage it to charge anything, anywhere, anytime. Many money counselors will counsel you to lock your credit card up and travel on a cash footing if you’re having a hard clip with your debt.

But what many people don’t recognize is that carrying credit can be a batch better than carrying their cash and here’s why: the Carnival Credit Charge Act (FCBA). If you’re carrying your plastic and lose your wallet, you’ll never have got to pay more than than $50 of unauthorised charges to your credit card. Depending on how much cash you carry along in your wallet, this tin save you some money in the unfortunate event that your wallet or bag is lost or stolen.

According to the FCBA, if you report that you’re credit card is lost or purloined before it’s used again, you’re not responsible for any of the unauthorised charges. Otherwise, the upper limit amount that you’re legally responsible for is $50. Something else to consider, if lone the number was stolen and not the card, then you’re not apt for any of the charges that the “number” stealer sets on your credit card account.

Keep a listing of your credit card numbers along with contact information for the credit card company some where convenient but separate from your existent credit card. This manner in the event that your card is stolen or lost, you can more easily take care of reporting your loss. Hurry, those proceedings saved mightiness save you $50!

For more than information on what to make if your credit card is lost or stolen, take a expression at what the FTC have to state at

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