Friday, May 01, 2009

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Imagine the following situations:

Person rummages through your trash to happen discarded gross and then utilizes your account numbers illegally. A store keeper maintains a transcript of your credit or debit entry card and then utilizes it to pay for other transactions. A mailing inquires you to name a long distance number to claim a free prize. You are told to supply your account number to subscribe up. You make so and are billed for transactions you never made.

Credit and charge card fraud is a huge industry costing consumers and card issuers 100s of billions of lbs each year. It is a word form of theft that is much more than distinct than traditional robbery. While it is hard to completely forestall card fraud from occurring, there are stairway you can take to minimise your opportunities of becoming a victim.

Guard Against Fraud

Here are some tips you can take to assist protect yourself from card fraud.


Sign the dorsum of your cards as soon as they arrive. Carry your cards separately from your wallet. Keep your account numbers, termination days of the month and company phone numbers and computer addresses in a safe place. Watch your card while it is out of your sight during a transaction and seek to get it back quickly. Destroy wrong gross and all carbons. Compare gross with your monthly charge statements. Open your measures and accommodate your account monthly. Report leery activity or charges promptly and in authorship to your card issuer. Advise your card issuer in advance of a change of address.


Lend your card to anyone. Leave your cards or your gross lying around where others might happen them. Sign space receipts. If there are clean spaces on a receipt, draw a line through them. Write your account number on the outside of an envelope or on a postcard. Give your account number over the phone, unless you have got made a phone call to a company you trust. If you have got a inquiry regarding a company, check it out with your local consumer protection office.

Report Losings and Fraud

If your card is stolen or lost, report this immediately to the issuer immediately. Many companies have got free emergency numbers specifically for such as calls. By law, you have got got no additional duty for unauthorised charges once you have reported it. Calling quickly will reduce your liability for unauthorised charges, and will assist the card issuer to catch the fraudster or block the transactions, making life harder for the crooks.

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