Friday, August 07, 2009

Beat Credit Card Companies at Their Own Game!

Have you ever wondered how much money a credit card company makes? Rich Person you ever wondered how much of that come ups from late fees? Everyone have got got and if you haven’t you should because most likely you have a credit card, which intends that these late fees have or could directly impact you.

As you have probably taken notice, credit card late fees are on the rise and have been so for awhile. There is tremendous competitory pressure level on credit-card interest rates and annual fees, and this have given manner to a fee frenzy. For credit card issuers, late fees now stand for their 3rd largest gross stream, (interest grosses and merchant fees rank first and second, respectively). In essence, those who pay late are now covering the costs for those credit card users who make not carry a rotating balance and those who register for bankruptcy.

So how much are credit card companies making from issuing late fees? Over the old age we have got watched the number of late fees charged to consumers leap to record-high levels. Late fees can range from $10 to as much as $40. The average late fee more than doubled since 1996 from $13.28 to $29.84. In fact, many major card issuers are now charging a $35 late fee. Let’s presume that 100,000 people made late payments for a peculiar calendar month and they were charged a late fee of $30 for doing so. This would add up to $3 million in revenue. As you can see, credit card companies are making a batch of money off of card holders and there is no slow down in sight regarding the addition in late fees.

Credit card companies are making a violent death off the late fees they issue to their clients and they don’t head doing it because their ultimate end is to do money. They are like any other for-profit business in that they sell a merchandise or service for revenue. In the lawsuit of credit card companies, the merchandise haps to be credit. These companies aren’t just some “thing” suction up as much money as they can. These “things” are run by man. And wherever adult male is involved, greed also goes involved. These people are just like you and me. They may have got a household to support, measures to pay, etc. Most people don’t work just for the pure enjoyment, but for money, a beginning of income. And the more than income we accomplish the easier and better our lives become, supposedly.

Some of you may be asking, “So what make we make about the late fees?” Well there’s Associate in Nursing article that I wrote awhile back that you may be interested in. You can happen this article at . It turns to respective methods and tips to avoid having to pay a late fee. One method in peculiar that I would wish to turn to additional in this article is the Skip-a-Payment technique. If you go on to cognize that you can’t wage your credit card measure for a peculiar calendar month just jump it. Next Calendar Month Online is an independent company from credit card issuers. They allow their visitants to jump a payment for a nominal fee. This fee is generally 70% less than your typical late fee. You will accrue no late fee and no bad grade on your credit report. Credit unions often offer this type of service for loans or mortgages, but first you have got to fill up out an application and then you need to qualify. With Next Calendar Month Online, there is no application to fill up out and everyone measure ups as long as they have got a credit card. Credit card companies are not very happy with Next Calendar Month Online because they are losing money every clip person utilizes the Jump a Payment service. This is by far the best service you can utilize if you cognize you will be late because you salvage a batch of money and avoid all the fusses that come up with bad credit.

Credit card companies are not backing down from increasing fees. They, for some reason, do not see us as people who make errors once in awhile or people with other precedences in our lives. They desire their money and they desire it now! This is the ground you should not back down either. Hit them where it hurts, their pocketbooks. If you cognize you will be late for a peculiar month, just utilize a jump a payment service because the credit card companies will no longer be taking money from you, you will be taking money from them.

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