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How Credit Repair Saved My Life

Once upon a clip in my life, I was dead. Dead not in the physical sense head you, but the consumer sense. You see, I had bad credit. Actually, bad credit would have got been an upgrade. I even got a denied missive for a debit entry card. That’s right, the bank did not trust me with my ain money. It was so bad that Iodine thought life was over—and I was only starting my twenties.

What They Teach You

Nothing of usage really. We are taught, through our societal guidelines, that we
are to obtain credit to purchase items. It works like magic. One minute you are just
getting by and the adjacent minute you have got a sort company willing to loan you
100s to thousands of dollars—all for a price. We are taught to travel purchase
points of our dreamings and not to worry. Just pay your small monthly fee and all volition be

What Happens if I Girl Payments?

All is not mulct if you get in over your head. Most of us turn up getting credit
lines and not knowing the first thing about credit itself. If we did, oh how different
we would act. However, that twenty-four hours almost always come ups when you lose your first
payments. For many of us that is just the beginning. For me, it was one missed
payment at first and then many missed payments. The many missed payments
became many aggregation accounts, a reposed vehicle and more.

As you might now, missing payments leads to a lower credit score. We are told
that once we messiness up, that is it for seven long years. Destroy your credit at 18 and wait
until you are 25 to begin at it again. Mess it up at 26 and wait until your mid
30’s. Why would they be so harsh? The reply is five large letters—M-

Why are They Lying to ME?

Why make most world lie? For personal addition of course. By holding you down in
the bad credit well, you can be taken advantage of. Sure, you may still be able to get
an auto loan, but now it will cost you 29% interest. Are you insane? Back to my
youth, I was manner past times this point. I could not even get approved for a secured credit

Think about this for one moment. How many ads have got you seen in
your lifetime where the company said something like bad credit is Oklahoma or they lead
the manner in second opportunity financing. If you had a manner to repair your credit back to
normal, companies like this would lose billions of dollars each year. Moreover, there would be no need for credit agencies like Equifax, Experian and
Trans Union. These companies do a luck annually because of negative credit reporting.

Credit Repair is a SCAM!

This is what we are fed day-to-day isn’t it? The truth is somewhere in the
middle, as usual. Many topographic points that offer credit repair are indeed bad news. However,
many make indeed work. The worst prevarication is that you are incapacitated for seven years. Did you
cognize there is a manner to rectify your credit report on your own? It makes not take any
supreme knowledge or particular connexions inside the powerfulnesses that be.

So how did credit repair save me? Well, it opened my eyes to the possibilities
and cast of characters the prevarications into the darkness where they belong. It made me travel read and
understand the laws that regulate the credit arena. It helped me recognize that I did not
have got to allow bad companies, who claim to simply be helping those in need, take
advantage of me. Finally, my journeying allowed me to repossess my credit identity and
experience life as it was meant to be.

My website ( have more than articles about credit and what you can
make about your credit identity. Don’t get taken advantage of, educate yourself. I can demo you how to halt aggregation agencies from calling and how to rectify
points on your credit report quickly. Additionally, there is a credit repair information website at
that you should visit.

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