Friday, January 19, 2007

Credit Repair in 4 Easy Steps Guaranteed

By Marc Chase

Most of us have had credit issues in the past am I right? Being able to

repair your credit would be great relief wouldn't it?

I'm sure you've heard of credit repair and if you're like most, the idea sounds great but you haven't heard anything good about the industry.

Here is a sure fire test to finding the right Credit Repair Company.

Each credit repair company has nearly the same verbiage and own spin as to why they're the best choice. If only you knew for sure which company was the right choice, but how?

Listed below are the top 4 credit repair companies with only relevant facts necessary to make an informed decision. For professional reasons we've excluded the names of each company, but connecting the dots will take less then 5 minutes.

You can check each company's records with the BBB by simply going to the BBB website and typing in the companies web address. The rest of the information can be found directly on their websites.

For pricing we've counted the highest level of service offered if upgrades are available. The reason behind this is because to insure effective repair credit, you need the services available only in the upgraded packages.

Take out the spin, sales hype and apply unbiased relevant criteria, a lot of facts are revealed.

Company #1

BBB Complaints: 0

Guarantee: Unconditional / No questions asked

Price: 69.00 Set up / 44.00 Month

In Office Consultations: Yes

Company #2

BBB Complaints: 6

Guarantee: Conditional / Weighed individually each month

Price: 95.00 Set up / 54.95 Month

In Office Consultations: No

Company #3

BBB Complaints: 8

Guarantee: Conditional / no set policy / Weighed individually each month

Price: 69.95 Set up / 45.00 Month

In Office Consultations: No

Company #4

BBB Complaints: 267

Guarantee: Conditional / After 1 year / Deletions vs. Non deletions deducted

Price: 99.00 Set up / 79.00 Month

In Office Consultations: No

Marc Chase is a Partner at MyCreditGroup.Com – A nationally recognized authority on credit report repair. His company is used by agencies such Washington Mutual, Country Wide bank and they have been featured in several prestigious newspapers as “one of the few true authorities on credit repair” Visit their site at


ALEISH said...

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brian said...

The worn out method of repairing credit via dispute letters is all but dead.

While I'm sure consumers appreciate the free advice, you have to know Credit Bureaus are on to these worn out letters.

Even if they are deleted (which is becoming rare) they are almost always reinserted.

read some of the information here about credit report repair and I'm sure you'll agree it makes sense

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Thanks for sharing with us your tips!

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