Thursday, January 18, 2007

How YOU Can Save Money with a Low APR Credit Card

By Alan King

Many people are always on the lookout for a great deal on a credit card and many have found that a low APR credit card is a great way that they can save some money. Credit cards that offer low interest, offer appealing APR rates that are lower than the average credit card. With the average APR being around 13%-14%, finding a card that offers a lower APR can literally save people thousands of dollars in interest each year.

Finding a Low Interest Rate Online advertisements may be constantly floating across your screen, making a low APR credit card look easy to find. In reality, getting a low APR credit card is not as easy as one might think. These types of credit cards are very hard to qualify for and any negative reports on your credit report can eliminate your eligibility for a credit card with a low APR. Most low APR credit cards require that you have an excellent credit score. Looking closely at the fine print before applying may let you know that this type of card is only for those with great credit scores.

Are These Cards for You? If you are interested in a low APR credit card, you may want to consider the benefits before you sign up for one of these credit cards. If you have large balances on credit cards with high interest rates, switching to a low interest credit card may be helpful for you. The lower interest rate will save you money over time. However, it is important that you keep your payments current. Many times, missing one payment can lead to your interest rate skyrocketing and you will lose your savings.

0% APR vs. a Low APR Credit Card Cards that advertise 0% APR look very attractive to many people as well, but, often, they may not be as great as they appear. When choosing between these two kinds of credit cards, you should take your needs and financial future into consideration. Be sure to take into account any fees that are associated with the card such as membership fees, annual fees and processing fees. Also take a look at the rewards programs that are offered with the cards as well. Sometimes, 0% APR may look great until you realize all the fees involved will cancel your savings on interest. Many 0% APR credit cards only offer the 0% APR for a limited time and then go up to higher rates. A low APR credit card may be the best choice since, usually, the low APR will last for the life of the card.

If you decide to choose a low APR credit card, be sure that you use it responsibly and take the time to keep your entire financial future in mind. Some people get stuck in credit card ruts and are constantly transferring balances from one card to another to get a better rate and, while doing so, they are not actually paying off the debt they owe. Finding a low interest credit card is great, but always remember to use them with care to prevent financial problems in your future.

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