Sunday, March 25, 2007

Many People Have Bad Credit, But Few Care To Repair It

Well, in modern society, the world is driven by credit, unless, of course, one is a millionaire, and even so, millionaires sometimes use credit.

When You Apply For A Loan

The first thing a lending company does is to ask for your credit report. This is as important as your Social Security Number. They want to know who you are and what kind of payment responsibility you have, they want to know if you have a steady job or a home business and whether you have a bank account or not.

This kind of information gives the prospective lender an X-Ray of your finances and will affect the quality of the loan that you obtain. What interest rate you will have to pay, the amount you will be able to apply for and whether you will need collateral or not. This is a security that the lender takes in case you interrupt your payments. It can be property, a car or some valuable of yours to backup the loan.

As You Can See

The information contained on your credit report is capital to the way you move about in life. If you can't use credit, you will have to use cash and the old savings "piggy bank" in order to save up for any purchase larger than your monthly capability. Today's economy moves on credit. It is like wheels that help it to move around. Whether it is a credit card or buying a car in installments, credit is a great part of our everyday life.

Bad Credit Ratings Can Be Repaired

Nothing is forever. All your financial "misdoings" are kept for seven years on the records, by law, and then erased. All entries must be accurate, obviously and all operations must be registered. Therefore, what is not registered must be informed. What is wrong must be corrected and what is outdated must be erased.

The source of these changes is none other than yourself, so you must take action and write to the credt bureaus and inform them about the correct data. Write in common language, since they don't like to be addressed "officially" and give proof of what you are informing.

It Takes Some Time

There is a minimum time frame for the changes to appear on the report, but in around 30 days you will begin to see the new info. From this moment on, every loan you apply for will have to be perfect in payments and timing, so as to build up positive records. If you add up the amount of cash you can save on interests by having good credit, you'll be surprised.

You can do the math by getting free quotes. Test it. Give a different name twice running. On the first occasion, enter "bad" credit and on the second enter "excellent" and watch what happens.

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