Monday, March 05, 2007

Personal Finance - Searching Google Resources For Family Business

When looking for an answer in personal finance or family business do you see dedicated sources or just junk linkers. No doubt there are few good sites dedicated to family finances but many commercially driven and present point of view of the Credit Card Company, bank or advertising party. Here are few tips how to find independent opinion on Google and get best advice.

Easy and relaxed look- site that tries to sell you something looks busy and filled with images.

Opinions presented in general manner no "push or sale"- information given to you in easy read form and does not sale or flooded with popups.

Information displayed for your convenience- the charts, the calculators or the tables free and convenient for reader at any time.

Often good sources presented by professionals- see if the author is professional and presents balanced view or opinion. Many articles are written by smart people and may not be accurate.

Association of the web site can tell you much about purpose of the site.

On of the good sources for your finance is existing website on Google search is dedicated to family and family finances is

Comprehensive menu and charts can tell you of daily market performance. Information about stock performance will keep you posted if your company is looser or gainer and advises on investing will help you to understand basics of investing. There are many other categories such as tax advises insurance information and mutual fund basics.

Forum is open for anyone to post their questions or start new discussion.

Just remember there is so much valuable information on and other websites for you. For your own benefit it is worth to do little research and make your important decision.

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creditandmortgageindex said...

I quote from your original post above:

For your own benefit it is worth to do little research and make your important decision.

Yes, it's absolutely important that you digg deep and try to find the best loan for you. Even if you are looking for bad credit loans, you can find a number of lenders online!