Friday, May 11, 2007

The Cool Benefits of Cash Back Credit Cards

Does receiving something for nothing look like a good proposition? It would be tough to find hard-pressed task to find someone who doesn't believing getting something for nothing is a bad thing. Free bonus gifts are given by salesmen many times to people who purchased an item and an already seemingly low price. The old Ronco commercials with the "But wait! There's more!" tagline immediately comes to mind. While that tagline may seem like it came from ages ago, the popularity of cash back cards is a testament to this commercial's philosophy a few decades later.

Cash back cards are credit cards that give bonus points when purchases are made with the cards. The concept of cash back cards began with the "bonus miles" feature started by airlines and spread in popularity to other businesses and industries. This led to a growth of purchases by using the common credit card as business partner with the stores that swiped these same cards a thousand times per day. These cash back team up with a specific retailer and award "gift cards" in order for people to make use of their cash back points. For example, if you had a Visa affiliated with Barnes and Noble, every $20.00 purchase at Barnes and Noble may lead to a $5.00 bonus point accrual that can eventually be exchanged for cold, hard merchandise. Redeems the gifts or merchandise makes this offer quite valuable. This is an excellent deal, and it is safe to say these cash back cards are an excellent addition to any wallet.

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