Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How Credit Card Applications Can Effect Your Credit Score

Thanks to the Internet, it have never been easier to have and submit credit card applications. It can be very alluring to fill up out all of the online word forms available to you. But be careful, it could stop up costing you--consider the following issues before hitting that "send application" again. Be aware of card offers promising "pre-approved" credit. You may be a prospective customer, but you still have got to apply for credit. Each clip you apply, the card company obtains a transcript of your credit report. All these credit card applications count as enquiries that, if concentrated over a short clip period of time, can negatively impact your credit score
With online credit card applications, you should also see the security of your personal credit information. Take Security and privateness concerns seriously. Limit your online application to card companies that usage industry-standard patterns for security and privacy. Look for 128-bit encrypting, which scuffles your application information and necessitates a de-scrambler to read it. Additionally, the card company's Web waiter should utilize Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Look for an online application on a secure silver screen of the Web site. This is usually identified with a padlock or similar icon, or have a uniform resource locator that gets with the word "https." The company should also clearly state its privateness policy for handling your financial data. -------------------------
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