Sunday, December 21, 2008

Useful Tips On Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud

Credit and charge card fraud costs cardholders and issuers 100s of billions of dollars each year. While theft is the most obvious word form of fraud, it can happen in other ways. For example, person may utilize your card number without your knowledge.

It's not always possible to forestall credit or charge card fraud from happening. But there are a few stairway you can take to do it more than hard for a criminal to capture your card or card numbers and minimise the possibility.


Sign your cards as soon as they arrive.

Carry your cards separately from your wallet, in a zippered compartment, a business card holder, or another small pouch.

Keep a record of your account numbers, their termination dates, and the phone number and computer address of each company in a secure place. Keep an oculus on your card during the transaction, and get it back as quickly as possible.

Void wrong receipts.

Destroy carbons.

Save gross to compare with charge statements.

Open measures promptly and accommodate accounts monthly, just as you would your checking account.

Report any questionable charges promptly to the card issuer.

Notify card companies in advance of a change in address.


Lend your card(s) to anyone.

Leave cards or gross lying around.

Sign a clean receipt. When you subscribe a receipt, draw a line through any clean spaces above the total.

Write your account number on a postcard or the outside of an envelope.

Give out your account number over the phone unless you're making the phone name to a company you cognize is reputable.

Reporting Losings and Fraud If you lose your credit or charge cards or if you recognize they've been lost or stolen, immediately call the issuer(s).

Many companies have got toll-free numbers and 24-hour service to deal with such as emergencies.

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