Friday, April 03, 2009

Using Your Credit Cards Wisely

"I believe money was stolen from my card" or "I might have got blocked my card in the ATM" - these are frequent problems that bank customer-support officers usually hear from agitated clients. Incorrect usage of credit cards or incorrect readings of their mathematical functions are frequent even after 10s of old age of credit-card extended use. Actually, there are 4 most frequent causes for problems; one is related to overspending, the second is about missing money; this is usually connected to the 3rd problem - unauthorised usage and finally there is the issue of forgotten information. All these problems are interconnected and can lead to serious financial problems. However, there are a few simple things that you can make in order to avoid hassle.

First and foremost, retrieve that your credit card have a limit. When you open up a credit line you will be given a certain credit bounds that tin change from twice your monthly income to 3 or maybe 4 modern times that income, depending on past credit history. However, make not pass more than than you can pay back. At the end of each calendar month you will have got to pay-back the borrowed money and there will be no exclusions from the rule. So lesson number 1 is “spend within limits”.

The second thing you need to make is maintain a record of your expenditures. Keep bank statements, gross and carbons in a safe topographic point and at the end of each calendar month do a computation of your sedimentations and withdrawals. If there is any disagreement between the two, do certain to reach your issuer bank immediately and work out the situation. Most people happen out that they have got forgotten about a certain payment that was made with the card, yet you may happen out more than of import information than this.

This conveys us to the adjacent issue - the unauthorised usage of credit cards. This is a broad problem mainly owed to theft. It is safe to maintain your credit cards in a wallet, separately from any other document so that you do not lose cards; it is also recommended that you make certain there is no 1 observation over your shoulder when you type you personal designation number and off course of study there is the regulation of never giving out the pin to anybody. Unauthorized usage is not only related to theft. Young children should never be given the number and/or the pin of a credit card. If they are still not aware of the value and importance of money you may happen yourself paying for useless points or services. So regulation no.2 is Never Give out Your PIN.

There are many things we need to retrieve and maintain path of. One of these things is credit card information such as as name of issuer, twelvemonth and calendar month of expiration, credit card number and pin and the help-line phone number. If you experience there is too much information to memorise it is best to have got everything written down and kept in a safe topographic point like a sedimentation box or your telephone - there are telephones that offer a particular notebook characteristic which can only be accessed by introducing a codification and where you can hive away information safely. Therefore, another thing you need to make is Keep Records of Important Information.

Managing credit cards is not child's play. You will need to maintain good path of your money if you make not desire to overspend or lose path of expenditures. You also need to learn that your money is your business and thus attention needs to be paid when giving out credit card designation information. Last, but just as important, you need to maintain in convenient support-centre contact information in lawsuit you need to report abnormalities or you have got inquiries to ask. Attention and common sense is actually all you need in order to utilize a credit card wisely.

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