Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How To Get a Low Interest Credit Card

Consumers often have got the first credit card that they ever applied for, never really analizing how the interest rate impacts their payments, but many other options be and can assist consumers lessening their payments and accomplish financial stability.With interest rates on some credit cards rising to over 23%, even low balance credit card debt can be crippling. One of the first research elements a prospective borrower should look at is the interest rate on transferred debt. This interest rate is often lower than the usual interest rate for the credit card, and can be an especially good deal for borrowers who have got debt already. Another component to see is the interest rate on new purchases – this rate will be the chief concern in the old age to come, as this new credit card will probably go the most heavily used. Borrowers often worry about annual fees, but these are often temporary. Getting a credit card with low interest rates will salvage a borrower important sums, usually much more than than the annual fee. Plus, once good credit is established, the annual fee may later be waived. Another interest rate will usually apply, as well – the rate for cash advances. Cash advances are usually limited to a couple hundred dollars, but credit card companies often take a firm stand that when paying back the balance, the credit part must be paid back first, then the part that the cash advance uses to. So if you are going to maintain a balance on your credit card, be aware that cash advance interest rates are higher than the regular interest rates. Cash advances can be incredibly helpful in emergencies, though, when a credit card cannot be used.Visa and MasterCard are by far the most commonly accepted credit cards, so less commonly used cards such as as American Express and Discover often offer particular rates for new customers. These rates are deserving attention, even if you believe that you may not be able to utilize the card as easily as your former credit cards, because transferring the balance to these new cards to obtain the lower interest rate may significantly lower your payments. While your American Stock Exchange or Discover Card may not be accepted as often, they can be a good tool to achieving your financial goals. Even less commonly used are credit cards that are shop specific, such as as gas cards or section shop cards, but these cards can offer unbelievable deals on interest rates. They trust on the fact that consumers will often switch over their disbursement patterns to the new gas station or store, and this increased gross do up for the lower interest rates. A flimsy change in your habits, such as as consistently using the new credit card at the new gas station, can lower payments and better credit scores.Researching new credit cards can look daunting, but by comparing the four chief factors, which are the regular interest rate, the rate on transferred balance, the rate on cash advances, and the annual fee, you can reduce your credit card payments significantly.

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