Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rebuild Your Credit - Using a Savings Account?

Did you know that in addition to a good credit card, you can also use a savings account to establish or repair your credit? You can, and it’s easy! Follow these 5 simple steps and you can rebuild your credit for next to nothing!

1. Open a Credit Union Savings Account
Call your local credit union tell them you want to open a savings account. Depending on the credit union you may need as little as $25 to open an account and between $300 to $500.00 to make this program work. If you don’t have enough cash yet, don’t wait. Open your account with the minimum requirement and begin to deposit as often as you can. Most credit unions require a small amount ($5-$25) to remain untouched to keep the account active. The remainder will be used for this program.

2. Take out a Loan Secured by Your Savings
Once your account is open and has the minimum available, take out a Secured Share Loan. This loan will be secured by your savings, and usually has a very low rate (avg 4-6%.) In most cases you can choose any repayment terms you like. If you plan to buy a home within the next 90 days, choose a 12 month repayment. Why? Once you have 10 months or less left, most lenders will not count the payment against your debt load! Also, request that the repayment to begin right away so there is no delay in building your credit!

3. Deposit the Loan Funds back into Your Savings Account
Don't go on a shopping spree! Have the credit union deposit the loan funds directly back into the savings account. Remember, this is to build your credit, not put you in debt! Now your account will show double the amount you placed in savings... For example: $500 for your savings (the secured amount), and $500 from your loan. This may also help if you need to show a mortgage lender additional savings!

4. Set up Automatic Drafts from Savings to Pay Back Loan
Ask to have the monthly payments for the loan drafted from your savings account. Now you are using the loan money to repay the actual loan, plus any interest. (For our $500 example, interest should cost you less than $25 a year!) Payments will be made on time and without any worry! You may need to add just enough money to cover the interest on the loan. One of the best features of this program is that if you ever need your $500 for an emergency, simply have the loan completely paid off with the remaining loan funds in the savings and your initial deposit will be released... With no additional debt!

Rebuild Your Credit... Using Your Savings!
Try to find a credit union that reports to ALL three major credit bureaus... Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You can use multiple credit unions if you need to... Just make sure that at least 2 bureaus get reported to or you are wasting your time. (2 scores will bring up the middle score!)

Add to the mix the right credit card with a low balance and great payment history, then you will be on your way to higher scores!

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